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Default Parts of Speech: Adjectives

Adjectives are words used to describe nouns.
Adjectives give more information about a noun.
Use adjectives to make your writing more interesting.
"Fast, fun, new, old, red, ugly" are all adjectives. They describe a noun.
It's a fast car. It's a fun car. It's a new car.
It's an old car. It's a red car. It's an ugly car.
Adjectives can come BEFORE the NOUN (adjective + noun)
It's an expensive bicycle. It's a racing bicycle. It's a red bicycle.
Adjectives can come AFTER a BE verb. (BE + adjective)
The butterfly is pretty. The butterfly is blue. Butterflies are interesting.
Nouns can also work as adjectives. A noun can help describe an object.
It's a business meeting. They're having a job interview. It's a school conference.
Present participles (-ing verbs) can also work as adjectives.
Baseball is an exciting game. Baseball is interesting. It's an interesting game.
Past participles (verb 3) can also work as adjectives.
The man is tired. The exhausted man fell asleep. He was worn out by work today.
Adjectives can be hyphenated.
The computer-generated error message made the program freeze.
My friend isn't very good at do-it-yourself projects.
Numbers can be used as adjectives.
That's a three-ton truck.
The man is a thirty-seven-year-old trucker.
In his 20-year career, he's never had an accident.
Adjectives can be used to compare things.
Cats are softer than dogs. My cat is the cutest cat I know.
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